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June 25, 2021
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Hong Kong based hypno-tropicalia duo Blood Wine or Honey are set to release their second album 'DTx2" on 30th June 2021. Made up of seasoned multi-instrumentalists James Banbury (synths, bass, percussion, cello) and Joseph von Hess (vocals, clarinet, sax, percussion), they create a heaving, heady brew of brazen sax themes, lo-fi/hi-tech electronics, densely layered cello inflections and motorik drums. These explorations start with the dance-floor then go above and beyond, taking notes from post-punk and tropical polyrhythms, always anchored by the bass weight of the sound system. Their distinctive sound is created in the industrial warehouses and hidden rural settlements of Hong Kong, surrounded by the low-end throb of heavy machinery, the lingering scent of hand sanitiser and the humidity of the South China Sea. Written and recorded during 2020-21, new album 'DTx2" looks ahead to an uncertain future, drawing deep on their experiences and influences. Tracklist: 1. Mystery Operator 2. Messenger feat. Preservation 3. The Fragility 4. Attraction feat. KT Tunstall 5. Testing Time feat. Zoë Brewster 6. Embers 7. Embrasure 8. Echt Embrace

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