Blind Guardian Somewhere Far Beyond Revisited (Blue)

Release date:
August 2, 2024
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Right on time for their show at 2024's edition of Wacken Open Air, Blind Guardian proudly present "Somewhere Far Beyond Revisited" which includes a complete re-recording of this classic of 1992's "Somewhere Far Beyond", a landmark record for Germany's heavy metal titans. After three albums on No Remorse Records, it was the band's major label debut coming out via Virgin Records and opened doors to the Japanese market resulting in a wider availability and presence on the global metal scene. After finding the right balance of speed, heaviness, melodies, drama and irresistible choruses on 1990's "Tales From The Twilight World", "Somewhere Far Beyond" honed this approach to perfection, evolving further on a conceptual level and increasingly daring take on Blind Guardian's sonic range. "Somewhere Far Beyond" experimented with keyboards, orchestrations, and folk elements, the latter manifesting in the group's best-known song and live staple, 'The Bard Song (In The Forest)', whereas other tracks like 'Ashes to Ashes', the rapid 'Journey Through the Dark' or 'The Quest For Tanelorn' connected well with previous mostly fast-paced albums yet offered an additional push in dynamics. Gatefold LP, trans blue, w 24 page booklet

  • 1. Time What Is Time (Revisited)
  • 2. Journey Through the Dark (Revisited)
  • 3. Black Chamber (Revisited)
  • 4. Theatre of Pain (Revisited)
  • 5. The Quest for Tanelorn (Revisited)
  • 6. Ashes to Ashes (Revisited)
  • 7. The Bard's Song - in the Forest (Revisited)
  • 8. The Bard's Song - the Hobbit (Revisited)
  • 9. The Piper's Calling (Revisited)
  • 10. Somewhere Far Beyond (Revisited)

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