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October 6, 2023
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Black Tie Dynasty have tapped into that same heated blood that coursed through the legendary music of groups like Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen, and Depeche Mode to create sleek synth-rock for the modern day. Transcending mere nostalgic melancholy, they have come together on Movements, and put to tape a work that is vital and immediate. Part dance record and part soundtrack to a headphone voyager's next great trip, Movements serves as both a canvas and litmus paper, preserving the finer aspects of their dynamic stage performance while testing new ground in an effort to deconstruct any preconceived notion of their image and ability. Their signature sound is made all the more compelling for its consistency and dramatic panache. Meeting through a series of happy accidents, Black Tie Dynasty has evolved from the ashes of past lives as their agreed upon objectives become clearer and more ambitious. They manage to balance substance and style, producing a cohesive whole smartly dressed for public consumption. Eddie Thomas and Blake McWhorter, on drums and bass respectively, provide the rhythm section with its heart and nuance. Recalling the great interplay between Stephen Morris and Peter Hook, of Joy Division, they work as one well-oiled machine grafting harmonic figures onto Cory Watson's subtle chorus and delay guitar work. Watson's vocals show signs of a multitude of influences and style, sounding like a fusion of the young David Gahan and Ian McCulloch. Seething with sensual tension, he sings like a man possessed of dark secrets and the overwhelming need to unburden himself in narrative reconstructions of the visions that populate his sleep. On synths/keyboards Brian McCorquodale gives the songs some of their most memorable riffs, stretching emotion evenly throughout every piece. Their standout performances are borne out of a shared desire to make their fans get up and move to their hypnotic rhythms.

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