Birth Day Boyhood (Ultra Clear With Yellow Splatter)

Release date:
June 14, 2024
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Ultra Clear with Yellow Splatter Vinyl. Boyhood by Birth Day is a slowcore, lo-fi bedroom indie album by the artist Birth Day, who also releases music under the moniker sign crushes motorist. Birth Day is 18-year old Liam, who lives in Belfast. Boyhood was released in 2022 and was the first and only release under this moniker. The album is renowned in the online slow-core world.

  • 1. a Tornado Hits the Illies
  • 2. Please Stay
  • 3. When Will It End
  • 4. Scare
  • 5. Every Dog Has It's Day
  • 6. Suicide Cleanup
  • 7. Boyhood
  • 8. Winter 20
  • 9. Fight Club
  • 10. We've Run Out of Water

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