Bingo Fury Bats Feet For A Widow (Turquoise)

Release date:
February 23, 2024
Pre-order vinyl:

The UK avant-garde's rising star, Bristol-based multi-instrumentalist Bingo Fury is announcing his debut album 'Bats Feet For A Widow' due out 16 February via tastemaking label state 51. Filled with noir elegance, 'Bats Feet For A Widow' is an album that revels in extremity. The album was recorded in a local church in Bristol, taking inspiration from the musician's complex relationship with his strong religious upbringing. The influence of the church building resonates throughout the album. 'Bats Feet For A Widow' is full of strange experiments, obscure references, offbeat one-liners, heart-breaking sentimentality and surging creativity. At the heart of it all is Bingo Fury's crooning bass vocal, lending a vivid and slyly humorous voice to universal themes of love and pain. Alongside the album announcement, Bingo Fury is releasing new single 'Leather Sky', a tender piano ballad charged with real emotion and a heartbreaking cornet refrain played by band member Harry Furniss. In this cinematic track full of paralysing despair, the musician sings: "You know I'm trying to give you everything / It all gets in the way. "

  • 1. Carolina's Theme
  • 2. Unlistening
  • 3. Power Drill
  • 4. Mr. Stark
  • 5. Centrefold
  • 6. Never Gonne Be a Dead Man
  • 7. I'll Be Mountains
  • 8. My Cup Overflows
  • 9. Leather Sky

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