Bill Justis - Raunchy & Other Great Instrumentals

Bill Justis

Raunchy & Other Great Instrumentals

Release date: May 24, 2019
Label: Org Music
Format: LP Album
Topping the Billboard R&B charts in 1957, Bill Justis' "Raunchy" is one of the most successful rock & roll instrumental tracks of all time. Having grown up in Memphis, Justis played an integral part in the development of rock music, working with artists on the legendary Sun Record Company, as well as recording music for himself. This collection of instrumentals pays homage to 1960's era rock & roll scene of the south. Now the album has been remastered for its first vinyl pressing in nearly five decades.

  • 1. Raunchy
  • 2. College Man
  • 3. The Stranger
  • 4. Wild Rice
  • 5. Cattywampus
  • 6. Flip, Flop and Bop
  • 7. Scroungie
  • 8. The Midnight Man
  • 9. Summer Holiday
  • 10. Cloud Nine
  • 11. Flea Circus
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24 May 2019 / More records