Big Country - The Crossing Expanded Edition

Big Country

The Crossing Expanded Edition (2xLP)

Release date: April 26, 2019
Format: Double Vinyl
Big Country's The Crossing is the debut album every musician wishes for. It's a fantastic trip through their powerful and unique sounds, created by heavily engineered guitar playing, which sounds like bagpipes. The richness of this album can be felt in their vibrant blend of traditional British Isles folk music and new wave. The grand themes of the lyrics feels just straightforward, but the essence is deep and thoughtful. That's why the heart of this album is in the song writing and guitar play of frontman Stuart Adamson. All over it's one of the best debuts in popular music history, truly unique during the time of release. https://www. Youtube. com/watch?v=657TZDHZqj4 180 GRAM AUDIOPHILE VINYL INSERT WITH SONG LYRICS AND DRAWINGS DEBUT ALBUM RELEASED IN 1983 CONTAINS 4 BONUS TRACKS 'ANGLE PARK', 'ALL OF US', 'THE CROSSING', 'HEART & SOUL' AND THE ORIGINAL SONGS SIDE A 1. In A Big Country 2. Inwards 3. Chance 4. A Thousand Stars SIDE B 1. Close Action 2. Fields Of Fire 3. Porrohman SIDE C 1. The Storm 2. Harvest Home 3. Lost Patrol SIDE D 1. Angle Park* 2. All Of Us* 3. The Crossing* 4. Heart & Soul* * Bonus tracks

  • 1. In a Big Country
  • 2. Inwards
  • 3. Chance
  • 4. A Thousand Stars
  • 5. Close Action
  • 6. Fields of Fire
  • 7. Porrohman
  • 8. The Storm
  • 9. Harvest Home
  • 10. Lost Patrol
  • 11. Angle Park - Bonus Track
  • 12. All of Us - Bonus Track
  • 13. The Crossing - Bonus Track
  • 14. Heart & Soul - Bonus Track
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26 April 2019 / More records

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