Big Bill Strawberry Seed

Release date:
June 14, 2024
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Strawberry Seed, Big Bill’s third full-length LP, represents evolutionary growth for the Austin rock band. While the album includes some of the snide anthems they’re known for in songs like “Poverty of Wires,” “Throw it Away,” and “Political Meat,” much of the album feels warmer, with layers of acoustic guitar, synthesizers, piano, and background singers adding texture to their esoteric sound. Even when they go for the familiar angular riffs and propulsive drums—provided by former White Denim drummer Jeff Olson, who joined the band in 2020 and produced most of this record—the topics are more relatable than ever before, and more political, too. “Poverty of Wires” hits directly with post-punk fervor and a lyric about how rich people are always sick of talking about the poor, and “Political Meat” rails against a depressingly familiar cycle: “politely critique; get spit out like mouthwash and rinse and repeat.” On Strawberry Seed, Big Bill is more mature and more self-assured, but you’ll never take the anxious energy out of the punk.

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