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Bibari Maeda - First

Bibari Maeda


Release date: March 10, 2023
Label: King Records
All songs arranged by Hiro Yanagida! The long-awaited reissue of an actress record that plays the finest mellowness! Her 1976 announcement, which is the only work under her own name, is reprinted and reissued in the original specifications! Together with the impactful artwork created by Eiko Ishioka, this is a masterpiece of Japanese music that raises many WANTs. A total of 12 songs gently wrapped in beautiful melodies by Hiro Yanagida's electric piano. In particular, the mellow modern soul song, 'Unexpectedly', which is short and sonorously sung in less than 2 minutes, is a masterpiece that has been picked up by many DJs.
  • 1. Yomaigoto
  • 2. Watashi Wa Minaminokaze
  • 3. Yoishirete
  • 4. Korea
  • 5. Guuzen
  • 6. Yuunagi
  • 7. Ai No Tasogare
  • 8. Gokigen Wa Ikaga
  • 9. Goodbye
  • 10. Nantonaku
  • 11. Hey Mr. Keyboard
  • 12. Kisetsu Wa Meguru
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