Being As An Ocean Proxy: An A.n.i.m.o. Story

Release date:
September 13, 2019
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Wondrously cinematic, taking both band and audience deeper into an infinitely unfolding saga, PROXY: An A.N.I.M.O. Story is the sound of a reinvigorated entity, ushering in a bold new chapter, free from preconceptions and eagerly embracing the unwritten future. The passion of the band's formidable past remains a dependable constant, arresting in it's urgent delivery and authenticity. The energy pulsing through PROXY flows from the same source that built a dedicated community around BAAO's first four albums, but it's scope bigger, somehow both more cerebral and more soulful.

  • 1. Intro (The Envoy)
  • 2. Play Pretend
  • 3. Find Our Way
  • 4. Brave
  • 5. Tragedy
  • 6. Skin
  • 7. Interlude (Circuit Bender)
  • 8. B.O.Y
  • 9. Low Life (Ode to the Underworld)
  • 10. Demon
  • 11. Watch Me Bleed
  • 12. See Your Face
  • 13. A.N.I.M.O
  • 14. Outro (What It Means to Be Human)

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