Beginner's Mynd - Ego Death / Baby Blue

Beginner's Mynd

Ego Death / Baby Blue

Release date: December 28, 2018
Label: 13 O'clock
The Beginner's Mynd are back with a new single! On this follow-up to their debut album Don't Lose Your Mind, the Washington DC-based group present a new original song on the top side with strong 60's UK-style psych vibes in the vein of good 'ol early Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd meets The Factory. On the flipside, their rendition of the Bob Dylan perennial classic, meshes jangly, folk-garage with some baroque pop-psych stylings, harpsichord included! A solid, very wellrounded two-sider showcasing all of the facets of the group's bedrock sound! 'a fantastic album of perfectly crafted late 60s psychedelic songs which is so cohesive and consistent that it elevates itself from mere album to a whole experience in itself!' - Bananas Magazine

  • 1. Ego Death
  • 2. Baby Blue
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28 December 2018 / More records

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