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October 14, 2022
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Italy's Bedsore and Japan's Mortal Incarnation, two bands separated by continents of distance, come together for a split release packed with fresh and intense death metal energy, with each band contributing a single epic length track. Bedsore seamlessly melds astral black metal, technical death metal and '70s progressive straight out of a planetarium laser show. Witness the rapid evolution of a band with a seemingly infinite trajectory of creativity and imagination. On the sixteen plus minute journey of "Shapes From Beyond The Veil Of Stars And Space", Bedsore continuously twist into unconventional new directions of cinematic cosmic vastness.For the other track, Japan's Mortal Incarnation present "In The Perpetual Torment Of Recurrence", a massive fourteen plus minute track of bludgeoning inventive death metal with shards of doom despondency that rivals and sits equally beside the best bands of the style worldwide. Simply one of the best pure death metal tracks that will be heard in 2022.

  • 1. Bedsore - Shapes from Beyond the Veil of Stars and Space
  • 2. Mortal Incarnation - in the Perpetual Torment of Recurrence

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