Bay Ledges Ritual

Release date:
October 13, 2023
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Sky Blue Vinyl. Bay Ledges is Maine-based musician born Zach Hurd. He makes songs that are bright and inquisitive, unusual in their beauty and playful in their very nature. Although the project sprung forth from Hurd's bedroom back in 2015, there's no denying it's power. He makes music in which to lose yourself completely or find yourself anew, to re-center your heart and refocus your mind and taps into a landscape of his psyche. His warped love songs are a unique biome all their own, with reflections of his hometown in Maine and his many progressive adoptive cities. Ritual, his long-awaited debut album, presents that vista in rich, daring technicolor: a breathtaking evocation of Bay Ledges' artistry that's as surreal, strange, and gleefully vibrant as anything he's ever released.

  • 1. DMT
  • 2. Walk Away
  • 3. In Water
  • 4. Between
  • 5. Changing
  • 6. Those Old Days
  • 7. Like a Bird
  • 8. Pink Sky
  • 9. Float
  • 10. Sunsunsun
  • 11. Up
  • 12. Waterfalls
  • 13. Keep Going

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