Battlebeats You Don't Know Me

Release date:
September 9, 2022
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Following up a highly praised debut EP and full length album of garage-punk trash smashers, Indonesia's greatest unknown rock 'n' roll band The Battlebeats (formed in 2019) is back with a 4-song EP / 7'. Just like last time, Andresa plays everything on his own - working with a guitar plugged into an overdrive pedal and a 15-watt amp, a floor tom-snare drum set, tambourine, and no bass. He makes no attempt to hide what The Battlebeats are all about, channeling the heavy influence of The Reatards, Teengenerate, and Persuaders. In fact, Andresa traces the very existence of this band to his hearing Teengenerate's Get Me Back online back in 2013 and his subsequent effort to download the band's entire discography! Their sound is raw and ferocious..wild, blown-out rock and roll..snot-drenched rage.. This is exactly the way lo-fi garage punk ought to be: cheaply-recorded, brimming with untamed energy, and stripped to the essence of three-chord simplicity..Crank up the volume and make like the '90s never ended! --excerpted from Josh Ruthledge's Faster and Louder Blog review of The Battlebeats' Search And Destroy

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