Basic Rhythm 2 Da Core

Release date:
September 13, 2019
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Basic Rhythm follows up his album 'On The Threshold' with an EP that lays out the explicit connections between hardcore and footwork. A connection made even clearer by the inclusion of a rare remix by Chicago footwork originator RP Boo. 2 Da Core's punchy rolling drums are levelled up against rough samples and a vocal hook pitched up and down in classic hardcore style. Get Up runs a tubby bass under hazy vocal samples and weird sound effects. RP Boo's remix of 2 Da Core disassembles the track into pieces, building a stalking helicopter-like rhythm which plays hide and seek with the samples, while the closing track Nuh Ramp rounds off the EP with tumbling micro-edited rhythms and a melody built from small colourful sounds that draw on the Caribbean roots of this music.

  • 1. 2 Da Core
  • 2. Get Up
  • 3. 2 Da Core (RP Boo Remix)
  • 4. Nuh Ramp

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