Bart And The Brats Assorted Cuts

Release date:
October 20, 2023
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While remaining true to its basic formula of Ramones on speed (well, when you hit like Tommy, you hit like Tommy !), the Brats' racket is always evolving, with master brain Bart trying to reach the Shangri-la of three-chord rock. The ten songs contained in this new record, the third long player from the French bin burners, are short, simple, energetic and super catchy, mixing the best and the rest of British, European and American KBD Punk. Add a hint of modern gunk (did I hear someone shout The Spits??) and there you go : another must-have for all the poor-quality Punk Rock connoisseurs out there ! Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lo'Spider at Swampland so you know your ears won't be spared, this piece of black wax is yet again released by our favourite association of wrongdoers - No Front Teeth for UK and Europe and Big Neck for America (**** Yeah !). As usual, don't sleep on this one, as it won't stay long !!

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