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Barrio Lindo - Espuma De Mar

Barrio Lindo

Espuma De Mar

Release date: January 06, 2023
Label: Shika Shika
Buenos Aires-based producer, luthier and musician Barrio Lindo presents his fourth LP “Espuma de Mar”, and his first recorded in a band format. The eight-track album represents a departure for the producer, embracing a much more acoustic sound, inspired by a period of deep listening. The result is an unforgettable journey that skillfully navigates between Spiritual Jazz and Latin-American popular music like Tango or Bolero, all embellished by subtle touches of electronica. Unlike anything else, it is a glimpse into the future of the ever-evolving and bubbling South American music scene. 1 -Segui 2 - La Llegada 3 - Migrante 4 - Azufre 5 - Periferia 6 - Espuma de mar 7 - Oasis 8 - Tac Tac
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