Release date:
November 10, 2023
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Following their critically acclaimed debut for Matador, "Tracey Denim," London-based Bar Italia, consisting of Nina Cristante, Jezmi Tariq Fehmi, and Sam Fenton, has released their second album. The Twits was recorded over an eight-week period beginning in February 2023 at a temporary home studio in Mallorca and mixed by Marta Sarroni. Bar Italia is known for its simple yet lyrical songwriting, but this changes on this album, which is boisterous, mysterious, unrestrained, and even sinister at times.

  • 1. My Little Tony
  • 2. Real House Wibes (Desperate House Vibes)
  • 3. Twist
  • 4. Worlds Greatest Emoter
  • 5. Calm Down With Me
  • 6. Shoo
  • 7. Que Surprise
  • 8. Hi Fiver
  • 9. Brush W Faith
  • 10. Glory Hunter
  • 11. Sounds Like You Had To Be There
  • 12. Jelsy
  • 13. Bibs

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