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Band À Part - Templos Y Neones

Band À Part

Templos Y Neones

Release date: April 10, 2020
Label: Elefant Spain
Limited clear vinyl LP pressing. Includes digital download. Sometimes a life is a story that can be told through our travels throughout our life. It has been a long time since we have heard any news from Band à Part, but then, traveling takes time. But the road fills us with inspiration, and in the case of Javi and Coral, the result of this is Templos y Neones, their second full-length album, and the objective, is inspired, on some songs, by a trip to the incredible city of Tokyo. This is an album that moves from night to day, that is drunk with Japanese references both in terms of sound and visuals, reaching heights that go beyond pop music. This album is an experience, and it is rich, diverse, sometimes slippery, and like all good journeys, it is exciting.
  • 1. Cómo Hablar Con Chicas En Las Fiestas
  • 2. Nuestro Momento
  • 3. El Año Sin Verano
  • 4. Templos Y Neones
  • 5. City Pop
  • 6. Una Y Otra Vez
  • 7. Parques Y Jardines
  • 8. La Neurona Espejo
  • 9. Supersimetría
  • 10. Todas Se Llaman Anne
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10 April 2020 / More records