Balwezo Westijiz Tower Of Famine

Release date:
June 14, 2024
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Presenting the new Balwezo Westijiz album "Tower Of Famine". Featuring prolific multi-instrumentalist Swartadauþuz (Bekëth Nexëhmü, Trolldom, Gardsghastr, Ancient Records etc.) and vocalist Lik (Bekëth Nexëhmü), Balwezo Westijiz began as a ritualistic dark ambient project but has now transmuted into a towering black metal force. "Tower Of Famine" is comprised of nine tracks of somber, monumental, and melancholic black metal dread.

  • 1. the Foul Carcass of God
  • 2. Flesh in the Funeral Pyre
  • 3. No Reason to Exist
  • 4. Calling from the Ashes
  • 5. (Vermin...) of Broken Memories
  • 6. Endless Black Nightmares
  • 7. of the Rotting Soul
  • 8. Drown in Bleak Blood
  • 9. Tower of Famine... (The Past Returns)

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