Balthvs Third Vibration

Release date:
March 22, 2024
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To change your mood or mental state - change your Vibration' A fragment from the Kyballion has deeply resonated with the band in recent years. Everything is mental, as Above so Below. Balthvs deeply believes in these tenets, and their manifestation is through music. Melodies that try to resonate deep within and generate a different type of Vibration. From the psychedelic experience arises a more balanced lifestyle, and from arduous and uncertain times rises the desire to have inner peace of mind. Music is medicine for the soul and the trio plays this music to wind down, relax, and be more present. It's music from the 21st century, a time when the world has deeply connected to one another via the digital realm, cultures are now free from geographic boundaries, they influence, mesh, and collide with one another. Turkish melodies meet Latin rhythms, from instrumental tunes to Spanish and English lyrics. The band freely takes from all corners of the world, and it reflects on the global audience they have slowly amassed in the past 4 years. Third Vibration is a celebration of life; a deep respect for the power of music.

  • 1. All Is One
  • 2. Komorebi
  • 3. Ashes
  • 4. In Plundered Dreams
  • 5. Famagusta Port
  • 6. Ojos Verdes
  • 7. Feelin' Blue
  • 8. Sun in Gemini
  • 9. Pajaro de Cumbia
  • 10. Cosmic Boogie

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