Balthvs Cause & Effect (Green)

Release date:
October 6, 2023
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Balthvs is THE premier eclectic & psychedelic world funk trio from Bogotá, Colombia, sparking a counterculture revolution in their home country. Cause & Effect is Balthvs second record. An evolution from it's initial chill psychedelic sounds portrayed on 2020's 'MACROCOSM'. Owing to it's Colombian roots, the album has plenty of Latin American rhythms, as well as ventures into Deep House, Turkish Music, Vaporwave, Trip-Hop and Disco. Their signature psychedelic elements are always present, ready to engulf the listener in a hypnotic trip across time, space, cultures, and different eras. The name of the album reflects an ancient hermetic axiom. Nothing is accidental, everything is invoked. Chance or fate are names for a cosmic law not comprehended. Everything you do, consciously or unconsciously will come back at you, nothing happens without reason. Cause & Effect is now available on a limited edItion translucent green vinyl, limited to 300 copies!

  • 1. Cause & Effect
  • 2. In Lust
  • 3. Vapor Waves
  • 4. Turkish Coffee
  • 5. Sunflower Jam
  • 6. Saturn and Jupiter
  • 7. Light It Up
  • 8. Tideflow
  • 9. Canoas
  • 10. Eclipse Solar

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