B. Cool-Aid Leather Blvd.

Release date:
December 15, 2023
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Welcome to Leather Blvd: A Black utopia conceived by B. Cool-Aid-the duo of vocalist Pink Siifu and producer Ahwlee (pronounced "Ali")-populated by an ensemble cast of characters and collaborators, including Ladybug Mecca (of Digable Planets), Big Rube (Dungeon Family), FousheƩ, Mndsgn, Quelle Chris, Denmark Vassey, LIV.e and many more.Picture Black co-op-owned beauty shops, barbershops, health food stores, weed spots, churches, mosques, nightclubs, bookstores, botanicas, bars, restaurants, street vendors, etc.-all of the signs of healthy community and commerce-on either side of a wide and impossibly long street. Now picture people of every size and shape and shade of brown hustling and bustling up and down the street, just living their lives. Imagine a fantastic version of Harlem's 125th Street or Bed Stuy's Fulton Street, or L.A.'s Leimert Park. There is such a place, even if it's not technically real.Mixed by ZerohMastered by Ben KanePhotography & Art Direction by Jack McKain

  • 1. Welcome 2 Leather Boulevard Feat. Butcher Brown, DJ Harrison & Melanie Charles
  • 2. CNT Go Back (Tell Me) Feat. LIV.E, Butcher Brown, Jimetta Rose, V.C.R & Maurice II
  • 3. Diamonds Feat. DJ Harrison & V.C.R
  • 4. Neems (Naima) Feat. MNDSGN & Akeema-Zane
  • 5. Soundgood Feat. LIV.E, Jimetta Rose & V.C.R
  • 6. Wassup Feat. Devin Morrison, Pher & Moruf
  • 7. If U Can See Me (4U) Feat. LIV.E
  • 8. CNT FK Around
  • 9. Fools _ Lsa Feat. Big Rube, V. C. R, Ladybug Mecca, Butcher Brown & DJ Harrison
  • 10. Chalkroundit (Talk Abt It) Feat. Ladybug Mecca
  • 11. "Craxy"'! Feat. Butcher Brown, Kamila, BLK Deco & Salimata
  • 12. Streets Got Pages Feat. LIV.E, Jimetta Rose & V.C.R
  • 13. So Soft Salon Feat. DJ Harrison, Demae, Nita Darling & Funky Chunky
  • 14. Leather BLVD Ad Feat. Big Rube
  • 15. Brandy, Aaliyah Feat. Quelle Chris, Denmark Vessey, Jimetta Rose, V. C. R, Moruf & Kamilah
  • 16. We Good at Leather THT Leather This Feat. FousheĆ©, Butcher Brown, Ladybug Mecca & Nita Darling

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