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April 12, 2024
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In 1781, the Zong - a British slave ship - left Ghana with twice the number it was designed to carry, bound for Jamaica. The ship's owners claimed that drinking water was running low, and ordered the crew to throw more than 130 living enslaved people overboard. Over 200 years later, Jamaica has become a place of significance for Witter-Johnson. As a young child, she often spent her six-week summer holiday visiting extended family in Jamaica, taking trips to a favorite beach on the south coast. It was here that she witnessed a terrible fatal accident at one end of the beach, yet at the other end, a baptism and celebration was taking place. Witter-Johnson explores this spectrum of events tied together by their central themes of ancestry, family and the ocean, noting that even amidst the darkness of death, there is still room for joy. Combining alternative R&B with classical, and with influences from soul, hip hop and reggae, Ayanna Witter-Johnson is the definition of an eclectic soul. Th

  • 1. Witter-Johnson: Applause
  • 2. Witter-Johnson: Unconditionally
  • 3. Gwilym Simcock: All Roads
  • 4. Witter-Johnson/Sakyi: Chariot
  • 5. Witter-Johnson/Webb: Falling
  • 6. Simcock: Holding
  • 7. Witter-Johnson: Tidal Warning
  • 8. Witter-Johnson: Ocean Floor Suite
  • 9. Witter-Johnson: Ocean Floor Suite
  • 10. Witter-Johnson: Ocean Floor Suite
  • 11. Witter-Johnson: Ocean Floor Suite
  • 12. Witter-Johnson: Forever

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