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November 3, 2023
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'Nakano Aya's new project 'Nakano Aya and Bremen', which is familiar with the Good cover of Showa Kayo. With the 1st album 'Ichimaime' released in August last year, the 47 prefectures demonstration sales tour has finally reached a third, and the 2nd album 'Nimaime' has been completed. This album, which is the second self-produced album, continues from the previous work, Junichi Sunayama (Ba), Kotaro Hata (Acc), and MAKO-T (Key), Nobuyoshi Nakazawa (Vo), Salsa. With the band's CENTRAL and the help of powerful friends, the driving force is further increased. In addition, that guest who catches your ear with a single voice will also add color to the song and light the way to Bremen. Starting with 2 cover songs such as 'Osouji Obachan', which is familiar in live performances and dances even crying children, and 'Mayonaka no Door -stay with me-', a masterpiece of city pop that takes on the challenge of welcoming CENTRAL, and a duet written by Nobuyoshi Nakazawa. 'Sing A Song' that opened a new door, 'Mirai' with simple lyrics that gently stroked the heartstrings, 'To you' that hugged you on that day, 'Byland' that strangely starts to shake your body Nishioka Includes a total of 8 original songs written by the members, including the warm duet 'Weather Forecast' sung by Hidero for the first time, and the gorgeous number 'Como voc_ quiser' inspired by Ellis Regina.

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