Axis: Sova Blinded By Oblivion

Release date:
October 6, 2023
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Chicago's Axis: Sova hit the beaches of southern California to make a hi-fi record with Ty Segall producing, resulting in a total classic. Often ferocious and consistently catchy, Blinded By Oblivon features drum kit and drum machines interlocking on every song, while adventuresome guitar, bass, and vocal harmonics light it up. Icy lyrical perspectives, rendered in a sunshiny natural paradise, transmit the fun and fraud of human polarities with urgency and an occasional eye roll. PLAY LOUD. 1. People 2. Hardcore Maps 3. I'm A Ghost 4. Trend Sets 5. Plastic Pageant Show 6. Metallic Hearts 7. Join A Cult 8. Persuasion 9. Writing Blind 10. That Dream Again

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