Avengers Soundtracks 1968-1969 - O.S.T. AVengers Soundtracks 1968-1969 Original Soundtrack (Red & Orange)

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November 17, 2023
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Avengers Soundtracks 1968-1969 Original Soundtrack Red & Orange. Format: 2LP/Red+ Orange Catalogue No.: SILLP1363 Barcode: 738572136376 Release Date: 03 Nov 2023 Genre: Soundtrack Original TV Soundtrack First Ever Vinyl Release The Avengers remains one of the great institutions of British television, a landmark series and the epitome of the swinging 60s. This debut release on vinyl features highlights of music from the Tara King era series of The Avengers by composer Howard Blake, taken from the CD release (2011). Following on from Johnny Dankworth and Laurie Johnson (whose classic theme opens this release), Blake delivered his own distinctive musical style to the hippest show on TV. He was awarded the OBE in 1994, after a music career covering everything from choral works and ballet to film and TV. His music for the Christmas perennial The Snowman, with it's magical Walking in the Air theme has become a seasonal standard.

  • 1. The Avengers Main Titles Theme
  • 2. My Wildest Dream (Main Title)
  • 3. My Wildest Dream (Action Sequence)
  • 4. My Wildest Dream (Finale)
  • 5. Whoever Shot Poor George Oblique Stroke XR40? (Main Title)
  • 6. All Done with Mirrors (Main Title)
  • 7. All Done with Mirrors (Action Sequence)
  • 8. All Done with Mirrors (Blues in Suspense)
  • 9. All Done with Mirrors (Optical Illusions)
  • 10. All Done with Mirrors (Fife and Drum)
  • 11. Super Secret Cypher Snatch (Main Title)
  • 12. Super Secret Cypher Snatch (Action Sequence)
  • 13. Super Secret Cypher Snatch (Action Sequence 2)
  • 14. Super Secret Cypher Snatch (Cyber Crush)
  • 15. Super Secret Cypher Snatch (Finale)
  • 16. Super Secret Cypher Snatch (Tag Scene)
  • 17. Game (Main Title)
  • 18. Game (Contrabassoon Plays Burlesque)
  • 19. Game (Circus Snakes and Ladders)
  • 20. Noon Doomsday (Main Title)
  • 21. Noon Doomsday (Lone Railroad)
  • 22. Noon Doomsday (Ticking Clock)
  • 23. Noon Doomsday (Death By Bullfight)
  • 24. Noon Doomsday (Insistent Heartbeat)
  • 25. Noon Doomsday (Marking Time)
  • 26. Noon Doomsday (Finale)
  • 27. Wish You Were Here (Main Title)
  • 28. Wish You Were Here (Interlude for Bassoon)
  • 29. Wish You Were Here (Woodwind Games)
  • 30. Wish You Were Here (Cor Anglais)
  • 31. Wish You Were Here (Tag Scene)
  • 32. The Interrogators (Main Title)
  • 33. The Interrogators (Adagio Flute / Main Theme)
  • 34. The Interrogators (Harp to Flute / Brass Menace)
  • 35. Take Me to Your Leader (Main Title)
  • 36. Take Me to Your Leader (Wah-Wah Blues March)
  • 37. Take Me to Your Leader (Wah-Wah Blues March 2)
  • 38. Take Me to Your Leader (Light Suspense)
  • 39. Who Was That Man I Saw You With? (Extended Title Music)
  • 40. Who Was That Man I Saw You With? (Quiet Winds)
  • 41. Who Was That Man I Saw You With? (Fender Rhodes Suspense)
  • 42. Who Was That Man I Saw You With? (Finale)

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