August Burns Red Phantom Anthem (Grey 6 X 7" Single Boxset)

Release date:
March 8, 2024
Pre-order vinyl:

Phantom Anthem is August Burns Red's seventh studio album, on which the band showcases their skillful instrumentation and powerful lyrical content while telling an empowering story - everyone carries a message, passions and an identity, and it's that powerful voice inside that drives people forward in life. While some may feel like outcasts, or appear to be off track and going nowhere, the songs highlight that it's what's inside that really matters - the passion that's beneath the surface is what is actually of value, not the circumstances or physical evidence seen on the surface. 7' Single Box Set includes 6 7-inch 45rp singles in three different shades of grey. Limited Edition.

  • 1. King of Sorrow
  • 2. Hero of the Half Truth
  • 3. The Frost
  • 4. Lifeline
  • 5. Invisible Enemy
  • 6. Quake
  • 7. Coordinates
  • 8. Generations
  • 9. Float
  • 10. Dangerous
  • 11. Carbon Copy
  • 12. Laniakea

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