Attic Theory What We Fear The Most

Release date:
May 3, 2024
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Deep from the grungy depths of Liverpool's dock roads come award-winning rockers Attic Theory. With grooves deeper than the river Mersey itself... Vocalist Lewis Wright is joined by guitarists Peter Donnelly, Tim Cunningham and Matt Lawler, bass player Kenny McArthur and Norm Walker on drums. Together they perform their self-proclaimed genre of Alternative Groove Rock; post-grunge infused with the charm of rock 'n' roll.

  • 1. Violent Delight
  • 2. Tattooed Heart
  • 3. Papier-Mâché (Featuring Kevin Martin of Candlebox)
  • 4. Tapestry
  • 5. Narrow Lines
  • 6. Million Little Things
  • 7. Dare to Dream
  • 8. Sweet Parasite
  • 9. Your Light (Album Version)
  • 10. A Brand New Burden
  • 11. The Legacy (Featuring Lucy Ellen)

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