Release date:
November 10, 2023
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Assiko Golden Band de Grand Yoff is a sprawling drum collective tearing up Dakar's nightlife scene. Senegalese poet Djiby Ly (Wau Wau Collectif) is backed by 14 different percussive instruments plus horns, winds, marimbas, and the occasional accordion, bringing Count Ossie's spiritually elevated polyrhythms back home to Fela Kuti's orchestra.

  • 1. La Musique Du Cur
  • 2. Bègue Bègue
  • 3. Sama NÉNÉ
  • 4. Kora Interlude
  • 5. Magg Tekki
  • 6. Baye Ndongo
  • 7. Xarritt
  • 8. Mix Louange
  • 9. Kora Interlude II
  • 10. Borom Darou

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