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Aspidistrafly - Altar Of Dreams


Altar Of Dreams

Release date: June 24, 2022
Label: Kitchen Japan
The long-awaited 3rd album from Duo ASPIDISTRAFLY from Singapore has been released in 10 years from the previous series. An entirely new inspirational and motivated piece that combines the Japanese 80's Ambient Pop and Sound Collage with the magically beautiful acoustic ensemble. Haruka nakamura, Hibiki Ichinose and ARAKI Shin, SUGAI KEN join the guests.

The pastoral and elegant Ambient Folk Album A Little Fable, Singapore Songwriter April Lee and the Duo ASPIDISTRAFLY producer who is proud to be a hit in Japan. This work entitled "Altar of Dreams" is a completely new inspirational vision in a rich sound palette that is sure to take advantage of their past 10 years of experience, French photographer Serge Lutensil and Dora Maar, Japanese 80's Ambient Pop, Music Concrete, and Balk's sassy strings. producing

9 songs, total less than 35 minutes of this work has all the features of ASPIDISTRAFLY including poetic lyric, cosmic invisions, rich strings, surreal rhythm, kindness, and texture. The sound collage infuses early internet sounds, movies, animations, and 90's J-POP in the opening song "How To Meet A Marblewing" and penetrates deep across the album as a new direction. Following the Voice of Flowers, the Voice of Flowers is a dreamy folk symphony that envelop April's deep and beautiful songs, clarinet, tenor saxophone, piano, and strings. This song has joined the guest of haruka nakamura, ARAKI Shin, and Hiroki Chiba, and the strings arrangement throughout the album is Hibiki Ichinose. Interlude: A Ceremonial Ode (M-6) and the title track "Altar of Dreams" (M-7) was influenced by advertising the 1980's Scheido starring the model Yamaguchi. The title track is also a song born from "clear dream", which once brought April to a reality evacuation, and the rest of its calming beauty is covered by the tension, as if the control of the clarity dreams works when facing the unknown world. Following "Silk and Satins" (M-8) is a direct analyzer of the form-forward clarity dream. In collaboration with electronic musicians SUGAI KEN, who project the beauty of Japan, has created a sound world of different dimensions.

This glittering piece expresses destruction, mystery, undility, hope, and dream, and more at once, is full of new aspirations of ASPIDISTRAFLY that has spent 10 years rebuilding the world of clear dreams and memories. </p>
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24 June 2022 / More records