Apocalypse Hoboken House of The Rising Son of A Bitch (Silver)

Release date:
February 16, 2024
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Chicago's notorious '90s punk rock pranksters, Apocalypse Hoboken, see their 1998 album finally reissued on both CD and vinyl! By the time AH issued this their third album, the band had transformed into a punk rock juggernaut with massive stadium-ready guitar riffs matched with an unconventional, trailblazing sense of song structure and willingness to push the boundaries of punk rock! Includes some of the band's best and most controversial songs such as the sprawling "Port Wine Stain," the hyperactive "Sex With Children and lots more!

  • 1. Side A Pulling Worms Apart
  • 2. Dick Van Dyke
  • 3. Monchichi
  • 4. Hazlenut
  • 5. I'm at Least Eight Things
  • 6. Port Wine Stain
  • 7. Submissive Wetter
  • 8. SS Decontrol
  • 9. Tickled Pink
  • 10. Card Playing War Cripples
  • 11. Birds in the Aquarium
  • 12. Anorexic Complexion
  • 13. Side B Troubling the Mood
  • 14. Sex with Children
  • 15. One Last Tasty Morsel

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