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Antoine Berjeaut - Moving Cities Produced By Makaya Mccraven

Antoine Berjeaut

Moving Cities Produced By Makaya Mccraven

Release date: January 17, 2020
Label: I See Colors
Format: LP Album
Vinyl LP pressing. Bridging the spaces between the Paris and Chicago scenes, Moving Cities brings together the best of both worlds and is emblematic of a new, utterly modern jazz going through a true aesthetic revolution. Moving Cities started as a live laboratory set up by Berjeaut and McCraven; it echoes the recent evolution of international metropolises constantly torn between individualism and collective endeavors, in a disrupted geography. In today's musical landscape, there is a strong push to reassess and redefine musical genres. Incorporating all kinds of influences has become a driving force, and jazz, like other genres, is now experiencing an explosion of it's aesthetic boundaries. It has moved away from it's ponderous legacy and now fully channels the spirit of the times - as it once used to.
  • 1. Triple a
  • 2. Shadows
  • 3. JP's Beats
  • 4. The New Untitled (Potomac Avenue)
  • 5. Twelve Donkeys
  • 6. Down the Clipper
  • 7. Lost and Found
  • 8. Lourau's Loop
  • 9. Sci-Fi
  • 10. Outro
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17 January 2020 / More records