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Anti-God Hand - Wretch

Anti-God Hand


Release date: January 06, 2023
Wretch shows mysterious black metal band Anti-God Hand at the height of its powers.  Anti-God Hand are reportedly based in Vancouver and connected to “brutal electronica /// progressive Industrial /// ritualistic ecstatic ambient musician” City, though we can neither confirm nor deny such circumstances. We can tell you that Wretch is positively cosmic and toys readily with established black metal tropes, pushing so-called genre conventions in directions atmospheric, experimental and electronic. Recorded in Vancouver, Andrew Weathers (claire rousay, Threshing Spirit, Hayden Pedigo, More Eaze) mastered and Sebastian Ruslan provided album art.

RIYL: Krallice, Deafheaven, Spectral Wound, Wolves In The Throne Room, Liturgy

File under: Metal, Black Metal

1. Forest Outpost
2. Zero-Harm Environment
3. Threshold Magic
4. Sacred Cannon
5. Snowblade
6. Moss Golem
7. The Axe That Splits the Cedar</p>
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