Antero Sievert The_Underscore

Release date:
May 17, 2024
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During many late nights in 2018, we broadcast many hours of Instagram live shows. These shows, complete with guests, coalesced a network which grew out of the Suga Steve nickname bestowed on our co-founder on account of his role on the popular Questlove Supreme podcast. During one such Instagram live show, we interviewed and heard a bit of piano playing from a Seattle-based student at Evergreen College. His name is Antero Sievert and he had a delicate, deliberate and abstractly beautiful tone on the piano. We brought him to NYC in the Summer of 2018 to record a solo piano album but he arranged a few of the songs with strings, led by the great violinist Yoo-Jin Park, and trombone, ably played by Jeffery Miller. The cover photo is of a statue which has been in New York's Central Park for decades. It's a long story.

  • 1. Zarathustra
  • 2. Spring Flower
  • 3. Improv
  • 4. Lima
  • 5. Spanish Lullaby
  • 6. Theme from the Underscore
  • 7. Clouds
  • 8. Improv
  • 9. New York
  • 10. Bob James

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