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Another Michael Wishes To Fulfill (Yellow)

Release date:
September 22, 2023
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Another Michael, the captivating and introspective musical artist, is poised to make a profound impact with their highly anticipated upcoming record, "Wishes to Fulfill." Comprised of Michael Doherty (vocals, guitar), Nick Sebastiano (bass), and Alenni Davis (drums), the band has honed their craft and expanded their sonic horizons, promising a musical journey that will resonate deeply with listeners.With "Wishes to Fulfill," Another Michael continues to delve into the depths of human experience, exploring themes of longing, hope, and the pursuit of dreams. The album showcases their signature heartfelt songwriting, as well as their ability to craft intricate melodies and lush arrangements. Michael Doherty's evocative vocals guide listeners through a tapestry of emotions, inviting introspection and connection on a profound level.Anticipation for "Wishes to Fulfill" has been steadily building, with fans eagerly awaiting the band's next chapter. Another Michael's previous releases have garnered critical acclaim and a devoted following, and their latest record promises to be a culmination of their artistic growth and exploration. With it's thoughtful lyrics, mesmerizing instrumentation, and captivating performances, "Wishes to Fulfill" is set to solidify Another Michael's position as one of the most exciting and introspective acts in contemporary indie music.

  • 1. Guitars
  • 2. Candle
  • 3. Angel
  • 4. Baseball Player
  • 5. Research
  • 6. Water Pressure
  • 7. Common Ground
  • 8. Wishes to Fulfill
  • 9. Piano Lessons

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