Anita Velveeta Western Amphibians

Release date:
November 17, 2023
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The long-awaited physical version of the long-awaited physical version of the masterpiece by SSW 'Anita Velveeta', a new generation producer from Minneapolis, has been released as a limited edition color vinyl version (Japan Press) by the up-and-coming analog specialty label ' VINYL BUG' will be released as the first work!'Western Amphibians' is the debut LP from producer/songwriter Anita Velveeta. Recording most of the album in her home located in Minnesota 'Western Amphibians' is a genre bending break up album that explores the sounds of emo, country, electronic music, grunge, and shoegaze. 'Western Amphibians' is Anita's first vinyl release. Anita Velveeta is the project of recording and performing artist Anita Bauer. From her home in Minneapolis, MN Anita makes a variety of different types of music ranging from country to breakcore to emo to shoegaze and beyond. Describing her music as 'Pastiche Pop' Anita tries to capture the full range of the human experience through her eclectic music. While 2023 was filled with local shows and recording a handful of albums Anita's 2024 is set to be filled with touring her music across the US and Canada. LISTEN: https://youtu. Be/vlJhdmAwvl8https://open. #spotify. com/album/3QSJLyzW3AUqyQjrritAmxTrack List: SIDE A

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