Angel Du$t Brand New Soul (Hunter)

Release date:
January 12, 2024
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Brand New Soulmarks anew chapter forANGEL DU$T, one that channels vocalist Justice Tripp's vision more directly than ever before. For nearly two decades, the musician has consistently been ahead of the curve: first with TRAPPED UNDER ICE, where he led the way for a new wave of heavy hardcore, and then as the mastermind behind ANGEL DU$T, where he blazed the trail for the current generation of hardcore musicians to branch out into unabashedly catchy territory. Tripp's work is marked by an ever-evolving creativity that's made him highly influential, and Brand New Soul proves exactly why. The record is a fearless and open-hearted tribute to all things rock, offering listeners a chance to be right there with ANGEL DU$T on the cutting edge. Tripp has always had an eye on the future, but ANGEL DU$T's time is now.TRACK LISTSIDE

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