Andreas Dombert Andreas Dombert - Studio Konzert

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December 29, 2023
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STUDIO KONZERT is the audiophile Direct-To-2-Track fully analogue recorded concert series, produced by the Bauer Studios since early 2013 and available in shops as numbered and limited 180g vinyl records with a premium-quality packaging. In 2015, guitarist and composer Andreas Dombert recorded his first album with his trio. After high praise from both critics and audience and a nomination for the german Echo Jazz award, the Andreas Dombert Trio came to Bauer Studios for a Studio Konzert with a slight change in the line-up. With Henning Sieverts on bass, he has been able to gain another internationally renowned artist who cannot easily be put in a box. His unique bass playing has already earned him the New German Jazz Award twice and the Echo Jazz award once. The Leipzig-based drummer Maximilian Breu has also been awarded several times during his studies for his skill and avant-garde style, always in search of new modes of expression between acoustic and electronic elements. As a composer, Andreas Dombert's music is ranging from meditative to experimental sounds, even within a piece. Even though, he always stays true to his sensibility for melodies. His influences include jazz, classical, minimalism and modern classics. This fascinating mixture exudes a warm melancholy and a very unique charisma. The concert programme blends pieces of Dombert's last two albums, moving between the meditative solo minimalism of Guitar and the more complex arrangements of his trio debut 35. In between he peppered it with some of his older works, in which one can already clearly recognize Dombert's own touch: a sensitivity for melodies, a pinch of blues here and there and of course extremely virtuosic improvisations. Henning Sieverts on bass and Maximilan Breu on drums make for a perfectly balanced and coordinated team as his support. For high fidelity, our sound engineer Philipp Heck ensured a clean and natural sound. A purely analogue recording, as usual, pressed on 180gr vinyl!

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