Ana Egge Sharing in the Spirit

Release date:
May 17, 2024
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The songs on Ana Egge's 13th album, Sharing in the Spirit, while often deriving from the unconscious realm of her own dreams, deal openly with the most pressing issues of the waking world - politics, addiction, sex, and love. It was produced by Lorenzo Wolff following their previous collaboration, 2021’s Between Us. The album opens with “Don't You Sleep,” a civil rights celebration of hope and hard work. “Where Berries Grow” is a near-biblical bluegrass beauty about people Ana has loved and known. The album also deals with themes of alcoholism and sobriety with “Mission Bells Moan” and a cover of the Ted Hawkins classic “Sorry You're Sick.” The final track, a cover of “Last Day of Our Acquaintance,” pays heartfelt tribute to Sinead O'Connor. Ana’s compelling signature mix of fearless strength with an almost innocent sense of fun is on full display, and not only in the music, The cover photo is an old cherished snapshot of Ana and her sister as giddy kids, riding a minibike. Bold, brave, sweet, and honest, Egge has created another collection of intensely personal songs, where dreams are brought to the surface and the private is made public.

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