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Amos And Sara - Go Home Soldier

Amos And Sara

Go Home Soldier

Release date: December 09, 2022
Prevously released on the peerless early 80s DIY-avant punk label Its War Boys, Emotional Response is proud to reissue this genuine 1983 rosetta stone post-punk-disco-dub oddity from one of the few legit unsung pioneers of the UK underground. Recorded in the twilight hours, at the legendary Surrey Sound with Chris Gray at the controls, featuring the arresting vocals of Sara Fancy, This long out of print EP serves as an essential piece of the jigsaw from a sprawling and fascinating back catalogue of Amos. (AKA Xentos Jones, Amos D'eath, L. Voag, Jim Welton, and others....), the playful lunacy and a driving force and behind such heavy hitters of the UK DIY avant-pop squat scene such as Milk From Cheltenham L. Voag The Work, The Fear Merchants, Just Measurers, The Homosexuals... and a bazillion others. This EP collects the 3 original EP tracks, plus the additional previously unreleased studio dub, rescued from an oxide shedding cassette. All remastered with love and consideration, ready for the gen pubs aural consumption, 4 dec. This is essential and rewarding listening. As those of you who know, will appreciate.
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