Amorphis Tales From The Thousand Lakes Live At Tavastia (Blue Blackdust)

Release date:
July 12, 2024
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Performing a landmark album in its entirety, front to back in the chronological order, is an extraordinary moment. It captures a time long gone, a point in our lives we will never forget. For who can say they were the same after listening to the breath taking and spiritual beauty that is “Tales from the Thousand Lakes”? With their second album, Amorphis erected a monument to Finnish mythology, nature and music, as touching, inspiring and nurturing today as it was back in 1994. Thus, the epic “Tales from the Thousand Lakes” live Blu-ray, CD and vinyl, shot inside an empty Tavastia during the pandemic, is a sight to behold: The sheer commanding force of Amorphis’ veteran stage presence, combined with the magic of these tunes make for an unforgettable experience. Each track shimmers with spellbinding Northern beauty and the vigour of a present-day metal show. Iconic instrumental “Tales from the Thousand Lakes”, set to aerial shots of the Finnish wilderness, stormy opener “Into Hiding”, unforgettable classic “Black Winter Day” or “Magic & Mayhem” take us back in time while firmly holding tight to the here and now of a historically significant venue in Helsinki. “It was an interesting yet confusing experience”, vocalist Tomi Joutsen says of the era of streaming concerts. “On the one hand we just did what we had done hundreds of time before. On the other I felt very nervous, because at that point we were lacking the routine of playing live.” Seeing this band revel in one of the great all-time classics of heavy metal doesn’t make you realize that. And what’s more: For Joutsen and Amorphis, is was also a much needed remedy in dire times. “It was a good reminder for all of us of just how great it feels to play music together as a band.” And now get that show on the road. It’s the 30th anniversary of this masterpiece anyway...

  • 1. Thousand Lakes (Live at Tavastia)
  • 2. Into Hiding (Live at Tavastia)
  • 3. The Castaway (Live at Tavastia)
  • 4. First Doom (Live at Tavastia)
  • 5. Black Winter Day (Live At Tavastia)
  • 6. Drowned Maid (Live at Tavastia)
  • 7. In the Beginning (Live at Tavastia)
  • 8. Forgotten Sunrise (Live at Tavastia)
  • 9. To Father's Cabin (Live at Tavastia)
  • 10. Magic and Mayhem (Live at Tavastia)
  • 11. Vulgar Necrolatry (Live at Tavastia)
  • 12. My Kantele (Live at Tavastia)

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