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Amir Said - Soul Review

Amir Said

Soul Review

Release date: November 05, 2021
Label: Hhvde
Strictly limited edition of 300 copies on colored vinyl of this early 2000 nugget from NYC! Here's the story of Amir Said's "Soul Review": "In 2001, my friend Tammy was working at Daddy's House Recording Studio (the recording home of Bad Boy Records). Since she regularly came in contact with top producers, rappers, and other music professionals, I made a demo (on CD), and gave it to her to share with those whom I believed would like my music. Aside from "Milk", the demo included two other songs. One day in 2002, Tammy, let someone hear my demo against my wishes. She told me that not only did she let Tony Touch hear my demo, but that he asked to have it, so she gave it to him! Before I could erupt in anger, she told me that Tony said, "Tell him I said Milk is a MONSTER! And that I'm going to put it on my next mixtape." A few weeks later, Tony Touch dropped his mixtape #69 - Just Bring It!, and I was on it. My song "Milk" being listed as an exclusive! Taking a cue from Tony Touch's co-sign, I made nine new songs in two weeks. Together with "Milk", these songs would become my first album, Soul Review." TRACKLISTING: El Dorado Milk Sucker Nigga Don't Do It (Superstar Prelude) Superstar Galaxy Lounge Music In Brooklyn (House Of Horrors) The Hook Up Shelly (Secret Lovers Prelude) Corner Crown You Came Along (Album Interlude)
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05 November 2021 / More records