Alluvial Death Is But a Door (Black & Red Swirl)

Release date:
January 12, 2024
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Darkness and despair are a breeding ground for creativity in the right hands. Since their inception in 2017, Atlanta-based band Alluvial have embraced the grim and gloom that the world has to offer through an intricately balanced blend of rapid-fire polyrhythms, haunting, sludgy atmospheres and tightly wound grooves. The band - consisting of Kevin Muller [vocals], Wes Hauch [guitar, vocals], Tim Walker [bass], and Zach Dean [drums] - take a stab at creating an even more sinister sound than their previous album, Sarcoma, with their upcoming 2024 EP, Death Is But a Door [Nuclear Blast]. Black & Red Swirl LP

  • 1. Bog Dweller
  • 2. Fogbelt
  • 3. Area Code
  • 4. Death Is But a Door

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