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Allie X - Cape God

Allie X

Cape God

Release date: February 21, 2020
Cape God will be the fourth studio release from Allie X and includes collaborations with Troye Sivan and Mitski. The first single 'Fresh Laundry' was released in September 2019 and coincided with a series of tour dates supporting the likes of Charli XCX and MARINA across the US, UK and Europe. "In early 2018, I saw the documentary that started my journey to write this record. It's an HBO doc called "heroine: cape god". Though I've never done junk and don't plan on trying it, in an abstract way I found myself relating to the film's young interviewee's. I've never spoken much publicly about this, but during high school, I was in and out of the hospital with physical illness. Often debilitatingly sick. To say it shaped my adolescence is an understatement. In multiple ways I related to the characters I saw in the documentary. Going into these feelings I had as a teenager was the perspective I chose to write this album from. It happened very naturally and without much thought - it became "Cape God". I would say Cape God is a liminal space I created to explore my repressed feelings and perhaps create a different outcome. While in cape god, you are in limbo. You stay there until you die or come to life and while you are there you are somewhere in between..."
  • 1. Fresh Laundry
  • 2. Devil I Know
  • 3. Regulars
  • 4. Sarah Come Home
  • 5. Rings a Bell
  • 6. June Gloom
  • 7. Love Me Wrong
  • 8. Super Duper Party People
  • 9. Susie Save Your Love
  • 10. Life of the Party
  • 11. Madame X
  • 12. Learning in Public
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21 February 2020 / More records