All Saints Under The Bridge

Release date:
September 9, 2022
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The bands on this compilation were all on Sarah Records, or have key members whose bands were on that label. There are some names you'll recognise: The Orchids, The Wake, Even As We Speak, where line-ups have remained relatively unchanged. And there are newer groups: Jetstream Pony (ex-Aberdeen), The Catenary Wires (ex-Heavenly), Soundwire (ex-The Sweetest Ache), where different shapes have evolved.

Time has moved on, but the music is as wonderful and as idealistic as ever. All the tracks on Under The Bridge are pop gems. Some are punk rock, some are indiepop, others are dreamy swirls of fuzz. Some are gentle and some are some are full of rage, but all of them are defiantly sensitive, literate and independent. (Some things haven't changed.) The bands on this compilation are flattered, maybe, that people spend serious money bidding for their old 7" singles. But they are a lot more excited about the music they are creating today.

All the tracks on Under The Bridge are new, and most of them are previously unreleased.
CDs and LPs will include a 16-page colour booklet.

Tracklist (With A Guide To Previous Incarnations)
1. THE LUXEMBOURG SIGNAL - Travel Through Midnight Aberdeen
2. EVEN AS WE SPEAK Begins - Goodbye
3. LEAF MOSAIC - Bullet Train The Sugargliders
4. THE ORCHIDS - I Don’t Mean to Stare
5. TUFTHUNTER - Monsieur Jadis Heavenly
6. USELESS USERS - Wish You Well Secret Shine, Action Painting!
7. ST CHRISTOPHER - Stornaway
8. SECRET SHINE - Lost In The Middle
9. BOYRACER - Larkin
10. JETSTREAM PONY - Strood McD F.C. Aberdeen
11. SOUNDWIRE - Another Sun The Sweetest Ache
12. SEPIASOUND - Arcadian Blueboy
13. THE CATENARY WIRES - Wall of Sound Heavenly
14. THE WAKE - Stockport

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