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Alice Phoebe Lou - Paper Castles

Alice Phoebe Lou

Paper Castles

Release date: March 15, 2019
Label: Motor
Format: LP Album
Alice Phoebe Lou's fiercely independent approach to her art has given her creative confidence that shines through in her jazzy and ethereal indie songs, filled with captivating vocals and stripped back music. Born in South Africa and has developed her eclectic and distinctive sound busking on the streets of Berlin, she has caught the ears of a community of music lovers the world over. She's earned praise from NPR, Rolling Stone, Blackbook and more, and has been previously nominated for Best Female Artist at the German Critics Choice Awards. In addition to relentless global touring, since 2016, she has put on a total of eleven sold-out shows at the Berlin Planetarium (the biggest in Europe) Paper Castles is Alice's second full-length release, following 2016's Orbit. She has also independently released two EPs, Momentum and Sola, as well as several singles. In 2017, a live version of the song, 'She,' was released and racked up five million plays on YouTube and was featured in the film Bombshell: The Heady Lamarr Story I executive produced by Susan Sarandon I all before the studio version of the single was even released. Produced by Noah Georgeson, Alice explains that Paper Castles is' about nostalgia, about growing into a woman, about the pain and beauty of the past, about feeling small and insignificant but finding that to be powerful and beautiful, about acknowledging that childhood is over but bringing some of it with you.'
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15 March 2019 / More records