Alfahanne Vår Tid Är Nu (Swamp Green)

Release date:
March 15, 2024
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Taking one step forward and three steps back, Alfahanne returns home to Dark Essence Records with their most furious and heavy release to date! Marking exactly 10 years since the band's debut, the new album "Vår tid är nu" will see the dark of night in February 2024. Loaded with the catchy melodies that has become the Alfahanne signature, the album combines a punk attitude, melody and groove with a bleak atmosphere somehow both reminiscent of the 80s and the early days of black metal. Adding such noble and notorious guests as Nattefrost (Carpatian Forest), Spellgoth (Horna), Nattfursth (Sorhin) and Doedsadmiral (Nordjevel) into the mix, you have an explosive cocktail fit for the end of days. On "Vår tid är nu", Alfahanne looks back while leaning forward, staring deep into the abyss. The band quotes "Our time is now, this is the beginning of the end." SELLING POINTS • 5th album from Alfahanne • For fans of: Shining (SE), Taake, Kvelertak 1. Intro 2. 9:e cirkeln 3. Eremiten (Feat. Doedsadmiral) 4. Elden har vaknat 5. Alfa omega (Feat. Nattefrost) 6. Wolfman 7. När allt faller-Kaiken Kaatuessa (Feat. Spellgoth) 8. 213 9. Vår tid är nu (Feat. Nattfursth) 10. Outro

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