Alexander Claffy Music From Big (Orange)

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March 24, 2023
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Bassist Alexander Claffy expresses his vulnerability on his bandleader debut. He leans into his personal experiences to lend to the storytelling.

Traditionally as a young artist's career develops, the proverbial "music business" whittles their musicianship down to the most narrow box it can fit in, finding a neat label to pigeonhole their name into for all future offerings. Occasionally, singular artists rail against that conformist machine, and put out a wide range of music that encompasses the entire breadth of their influences and taste, labels be damned. Alex Claffy is one of those artists.

With Music From Big Orange his latest album as a bandleader, "Claffy" serves as his own Executive Producer, as well as Composer/Arranger on all of the songs. He switches seamlessly from acoustic bass to electric depending on the sonic flow of any given tune, and even layers in some auxiliary keyboard parts, further underscoring his penchant for harmonic depth and density. As a lyricist, he leans into his personal experiences to lend to the storytelling, which showcases an admirable comfort in expressing his vulnerability - something many artists never delve deep enough to display, but Claffy has been willing to bare since his very first album as a bandleader.

Track Listing:

Once Upon A Summertime
Plaza Real
Cheltenham (For Randy and Michael)
1421 Sansom

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