Alejandro Escovedo - The Crossing

Alejandro Escovedo

The Crossing

Alejandro Escovedo s new album is perhaps his most varied and expansive album to date. It is his first album recorded outside of America, in northern Italy, with co-writer Don Antonio Gramentieri and a band of Italian musicians. It is also Alejandro s first ever concept album drawing the story of two young immigrants to the US, who bond over a mutual love of punk rock as they struggle with the racism and discrimination as immigrants. Special guests on the album include Wayne Kramer (MC5), Joe Ely, and Peter Perrett and John Perry of The Only Ones. The sound ranges from straight ahead rockers like, Sonica USA, to ballads like the classic Joe Ely penned, Silver City, and everywhere in between. To describe this album as, "epic," might be an understatement.

  • 1. Andare
  • 2. Footsteps in the Shadows
  • 3. Texas Is My Mother
  • 4. Teenage Luggage
  • 5. Something Blue
  • 6. Outlaw for You
  • 7. Amor Puro
  • 8. Waiting for Me
  • 9. How Many Times
  • 10. Cherry Blossom Rain
  • 11. Sonica USA
  • 12. Rio Navidad
  • 13. Silver City
  • 14. Fury and Fire
  • 15. Flying
  • 16. MC Overload
  • 17. The Crossing
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14 September 2018 / More records

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